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  • One off personal training session
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  • Results guaranteed or your money back
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Nick Personal TrainingEvery member of our team meets the high performance and high standards required by Platinum Training. All our trainers are high qualified and have full insurance. All trainers have excellent experience in weight loss, weight gain, body sculpt, general fitness, injury recovery, sports specific, pre/post natal, flexibility and weight training.

Founder of Platinum Training

Nick has over 15 years experience as a personal trainer and has travelled all over the world to learn new skills and teach his skills to fellow fitness experts. Nick started in the fitness industry as a senior trainer for a top health club in London, where he trained many other personal trainers. During his Masters degree in LA, Nick was recruited by a top movie director which led him to train many of Hollywood’s actors/actresses achieve weight and size targets for acting roles. Since coming back in 2009 Nick started Platinum Training and has performed a staggering 10,000 one to one sessions. Nick is highly motivational and enjoys bringing positivity to his clients. He encourages towards a better lifestyle through fitness.

Nick Personal Training"I often get asked what makes the difference between a good PT and an excellent PT, the answer is simple, and an excellent PT never gives up. He pushes his clients to the limit and gets results. Nothing else matters apart from results.

You must also listen to the clients and take on board everything they want because at the end of the day if you are paying for the best you expect to get the best.

With over 500 clients as references I believe in my ability to help you get the perfect body you want.”


  • ACSM Personal Trainer – (American College of Sports and medicine)
  • Future Fit Advanced Gym Instructor
  • Future Fit Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Core Stability Expert
  • 15 Years experience in the fitness industry
  • Nutrition / diet expert
  • World - wide experience
  • First aider
  • Fully insured
  • Pre and Postnatel qualified
  • Exercise Referral
  • Boxing Trainer  

To book a free consultation with Nick, please contact us on:

Telephone: +44 (0)7788 255048
Email: nick@platinumtraining.co.uk


Anya - Personal Trainer

Nick Personal TrainingAnya our Russian Boxer / Kick boxing queen and HIT Master / Strength Queen.

An experienced trainer specialising in Strength and Conditioning and bodyweight training with a genuine and ever-growing interest in well-being, movement and mindfulness.

I am a level 1 coach in Olympic weightlifting, with a background in martial arts and swimming - encouraging skill-based fitness and long-term lifestyle changes, promoting healthy body image, self-confidence and strength.

I'm enthusiastic about changing clients' attitudes towards fitness by teaching them how to have fun and motivate themselves!



Theo - Personal Trainer

Nick Personal TrainingMy name is Theo Stoica and since the age of 7 I am involved in sports and fitness.

I was a professional football player , tried also boxing, swimming , tennis and from all these disciplines I have learned a great deal of exercises and techniques that I apply every day in my training methods. 

I have a degree in Nutrition which has always helped me to direct my clients into having a better style of life , to support the training and to be aware of their caloric intake.

I can train a wide range of people from those who want to sing up for a professional fitness competition to those who just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.




Diogo - Personal Trainer

Nick Personal TrainingMy aim is to work with you to understand your personal fitness goals and then create a tailored and realistic programme so that you can achieve results quickly.

I also offer optional nutrition advice to improve your overall wellbeing. Having once been overweight myself, I have personally found the key to establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to find exercises that you enjoy.

My clients do rowing, kick boxing, running, circuits, skipping, weight lifting, military boot camps and everything in between! I regularly review the latest training techniques so I can always offer you something new to try.

I also understand that finding time to go to the gym can be hard, especially with work and home commitments. I therefore offer personal training sessions 7 days a week, even at anti-social hours, so that you have as much opportunity and flexibility as possible.

Finally I am not all about fitness, I also a keen traveller, computer and film enthusiast, so we may even have a few laughs along the way. If you are interested in training with me or would like some more information, please book in for a free consultation to discuss your options.

Interests Specialist Areas

  • Weight Loss and Body Fat Reduction
  • Muscle Building Strength and Conditioning
  • Fitness based Kick Boxing


Rangi - Personal Trainer

Nick Personal TrainingRangi is a level 3 Certified Personal Trainer (REPS). He has played rugby league from the age of 9 and has competed at representative level in Australia as well as participating in athletics and a range of other sports.

He has turned his love of fast paced outdoor activity into a passion for helping people from different backgrounds and fitness levels to achieve their fitness goals. Rangi believes exercise and activity can be an enjoyable part of a healthy balanced life and doesn't mean having to miss out on the finer things! His main objective is for people to enjoy their workouts, learn correct technique while maintaining good posture and form.

He adopts a full body approach to training and takes great pride in being able to provide in depth, up to date advice to achieve your fitness goals. There is a level of training for everyone, no matter what condition or shape you think you are in - whether it is building muscle, losing weight, or reaching your sporting potential - he has a programme to help you.


Latisha -  Personal Trainer

I am 24 years old and currently living in south london. I have over 3 years experience in Personal training and use to play football for millwall girls in my earlier days.

My aim is to not only transform your body but to transform your life! I am confident at what i do and with my knowledge can help you achieve and stay motivated towards your fitness goals. I believe in creating tailored plans working towards your goals and trying to reach them in the quickest time possible.

I like all types of training methods but my favourite is HIIT as this allows you to shed fat and tone up at the same time. If you Work Hard you Get results and i can make it happen!


Skevi - Personal Trainer

Nick Personal TrainingMy name is Skevi. I'm 25 years old from Cyprus a small island in Mediterranean sea but with tall goals!

My tallest goal and vision is to inspire and help each and anyone to achieve there goals by motivating and supporting them through there journey!

My motto is strong mindset will lead you to a strong body and life!






Ashleigh - Personal Trainer

Nick Personal TrainingAshleigh is a South African Personal Trainer whose experience spans across diverse fitness disciplines. She believes in a holistic, tailored approach to meet individual fitness goals.

As a professional dancer and model she specializes in long term weight loss and muscle sculpting programmes, improving body awareness, coordination and flexibility.

She strives to empower her clients to achieve long term lifestyle changes.




Shelly  -  Personal Trainer

Nick Personal TrainingAs a professional dancer, Shelley has always had a strong understanding of health and fitness.

She is a trainer with over 5 years experience with a variety of clients ranging from athletes to absolute beginners.

As a dancer she works very closely on core exercises, fat burning drills, injury prevention and postural correction.

She is outgoing and wants to get results from her clients whether it be for a big sporting event, wedding,  re-habitiltaion or simply losing weight and feeling healthier. 






Isky  -  Personal Trainer

Nick Personal TrainingI am a Level 3 REPS qualified personal trainer with a level 4 and 5 Degree in Personal Training and in Strength and Conditioning. Health and fitness is my foundation, martial arts and fitness training is my passion.

Having a deep interest in martial arts from a young age of 8 and having spent the last 7 years working and training within the fitness industry I have rapidly developed an in-depth understanding of its class.

I enjoy staying active, being productive and making progress everyday with my work and clients. I specialise in training Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing, Free Running, Acrobatics, Fight Choreography, Body Building and Fitness Training.

I work with people of all fitness levels, from those that have never stepped into a gym to those looking to compete or prepping for a shoot. I am able to offer a range of diverse services to suit all your health & fitness needs.


Ant  -  Personal Trainer

Nick Personal TrainingAnt has over 5 years experience with a special focus on core strength, upper body strength and muscle gain.

He has also helped many of Platinum Training clients shed the extra weight from his High Intense fat burning sessions.

Give him a go we are sure you will come back for more.





The Beast Etienne - Personal Trainer

Nick Personal TrainingI have 5 years of experience as a personal trainer and have gained great knowledge in the fitness sector.

I am currently 2x world powerlifting champion with a world record deadlift, so strength and conditioning comes easy to me. I also specialise in obesity and management.

Whatever your goals are as an individual, I will train you specifically to your needs and get you there in a safe and realistic time frame.

I promise to transform your body and change your lives!





Other Trainers

Platinum have many other personal trainers depending on your location please email us for more information.

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Maisie Richardson-Sellers

Don't forget to check out Maise in the New Star-wars film The Force Awakens!

Our top English up and coming actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers has been back to London working out with Nick the Master Trainer in our Central London gym.


We are looking for experienced personal trainers to cover London.

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