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Natasha Lawson
Fashion Designer

* "I am not going to lie, i hate hate working out i always find some reason not to any thing from checking my Facebook to watching tv but i knew i had to get my butt into gear. So i found Nick and Platinum Training online  and never looked back.

Nick took me at face value which i loved he always told me every one is different and not one client is the same, we focused very much on High Intense fat burning which was bloody hard but totally worth it.

I am no longer ashamed of my body, not yet hit my target but over 50 % complete as you can see from my pics.

Thank you Nick."

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Natasha Lawson

Dawn - Freelance Journalist

* "Diet diet diet my issue, i meet with Nick from over a coffee and he told me how it was and i mean it, he was honest and direct which i needed. I didn't want a yes yes trainer i wanted a honest one.

He gave me a great diet guide which i stuck to and changed every month and a home work out for me to do two times per week i trained with Nick 2 times a week at his gym in Vauxhall South London.

I singed up to the 4 month package as i knew once i paid and the sessions were locked in i wouldn't give up or find an excuse. The rest is history i am a new women lost over 3 stone and have 3 more to go, which i am confident i can loose it.

Big thumbs up to Nick awesome guy."

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


Alesha Evens - Student

* "Being a student i am on a very tight budget but the great thing about Platinum Training was no extra charge for working out with a friend, which means i could afford 30 session split with my best friend. Also made training so much fun.

Nick is such a funny and accommodating trainer, we train in Green Park two times per week, he is never late always mixes the sessions up and leaves us in pain. Good pain i like to point out.

2 month later i have my body back which i lost due to studying and working part time. Squats and lunges are the key.

Thanks Nicky. x"

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Alesha Evens

Sarah Reais

* "It was 4 months until i was about to get married and walk in front of 150 people and i started to freak out so i googled "Personal Trainers in London" and Platinum Training came up. I singed up to the 4 month package and Nick got to work the following Monday.

Nick was awesome! I was very un-fit and never really worked out before so he started to build my fitness up from a ground level and week after week i became stronger and fitter and the horrid weight i had gained over the years started to drop of. Every session was different and my favourite was our boxing sessions and kettle bell sessions. What made it so east was Nick would train me in my home so all i had to do was open the door.

I managed to loose 2 stone and get from a size 18 to a size 12.

I still see Nick once a week to stay on track."

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Sarah Reais

Ryan Evens - City Trader

* "Honestly i didn't want to get a personal trainer but my girlfriend paid for 30 sessions for a birthday gift so i couldn't say no, i meet Nick on a cold December morning in Battersea Park in 2011. He was a very friendly and nice guy, but not to nice, he knew when to push me and also when i couldn't do any more.

I work behind a desk for 10 hrs a day in the city and my diet was awful so i needed help in every way, but i was to lazy to do it my self. Nick looked at my diet and gave me a diet plan which changed every 3 weeks.

Our training was different, each session we would train in Battersea Park and do some circuits for fat burning followed by a 5k run, if it rains we would still go ahead, as much as i didn't want to. The reason why i stuck to it was purely because of Nick, he made me get out of bed every day for over a year and still does, i have the up most respect for him.

Also he promised me if i write a good review i wont have to do any squat jumps for a month."

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Ryan Evens
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