Body Transformation Packages London

Our Body Transformation Packages at Platinum Training means so much more than a before and after photo. These photos are a great way to see the physical changes, which so many of our clients want to initially achieve, however, there are so many things that happen to our clients throughout their journey with us. Each client has their own story and it has been amazing to experience and see these changes over the years. Here are examples of what transformation really means.

  • More confidence
  • More ownership of their life choices
  • The best shape they have ever been in
  • Feel 20 years younger
  • Always in control
  • A real understanding of their own nutrition and how to manage in their day to day routines
  • Get back into old clothes
  • Increased sleep length and quality
  • Improved Stress Management
  • Improvement of their relationships, family, spouse, work colleagues
  • Increased strength and fitness levels
  • Become trimmed and defined
  • Gain muscle bulk

Body Transformation Packages:

  • 2-month Personal Training Package: £1,500;
  • 3-month Personal Training Package: £2,150;
  • 4-month Personal Training Package: £2,800;
  • 5-month Personal Training Package: £3,300;
  • 6-month Personal Training Package: £4,000
    (Our Ultimate Body Transformation which also comes with free gym membership and life coaching).

Body Transformation Packages are for Clients who are serious about getting fit and staying fit. Fitness is not just a quick fix; it is a way of life.

Our Body Transformation packages are with our most experienced coaches each have at least 10 years’ experience behind them.

What's included in our transformation packages:

  • 3 sessions a week;
  • A bi-weekly, tailor-made diet guide;
  • Bi-weekly fitness tests;
  • Bi-weekly measurements (including body fat %);
  • Most experienced trainers (10 years minimum experience);
  • Life changing results physically and mentally;
  • Free on-going support for up to three months once the package ends.

Maria (Dentist)

Maria had gained weight around her mid section due to stresses at work, we first created a new diet plan which she could keep to, and then started the training plan which was a mix of weights and high intense work after just six weeks Marias fat % had dropped by 5 % she is now looking fit and trim and still training with us two times each week.

Maria (Dentist)

Ryan Evens - City Trader

Ryan worked crazy long hours he simply needed structure and to put himself first, he had some puppy fat around his mid section which he hated. The training was a mix between body weight training, running, and free weight work. After 6 weeks of training Ryan lost 3.2 % fat percent and gained muscle mass. We made sure to change his diet so he wouldn't get bored. Amazing results.

Ryan Evens
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NEW FOR 2022

Mobile One to One Assisted stretching

Assisted stretching is great for clients looking to improve their sports performance, decrease joint pain and improve overall flexibility.

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New Starter Body Transformation Package

The Ultimate Package for seeing life changing results - 30 Sessions in our private gym or outside in any London park, personalised diet plan, measurements and body fat % taken each week all for only £900 (works out to be only £30 per session).

Get Fit Quick package

The fastest way to see results, 4 sessions each week for one month in our private gym or outside, personalised diet plan, body fat % measurements each week all for only £650.