Boxing Training Service London

Here at Platinum Personal Training we are massive fans of boxing, and the benefits that come with the boxing training.

Boxing is an effective way to get trim, defined and burn fat, whilst releasing stress.

Each of our boxing trainers have over 5 years of experience. Most trainers come from a high-level amateur boxing background or are ex professional fighters.

Benefits of Boxing:

  • Improved total body strength;
  • Better hand-eye coordination;
  • Improved body composition;
  • Enhanced cardiovascular health;
  • Fast way to burn fat and help maintain weight;
  • Builds self-defence and confidence levels.

Boxing training can be done at your home, local park or our Vauxhall-based gym.

Boxing Sessions:

  • 5 Sessions: £250;
  • 10 Sessions: £500.

This is perfect for the Clients who would like to try a different way of keeping fit.

This package includes the following:

  • 45-minute boxing session;
  • Personalised diet guide;
  • Full fitness test;
  • BMI, body fat %, weight and height assessment;
  • Tailored workout programme for the next 6 months;
  • A fitness check-up after 6 weeks.





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New Starter Body Transformation Package

The Ultimate Package for seeing life changing results - 30 Sessions in our private gym or outside in any London park, personalised diet plan, measurements and body fat % taken each week all for only £900 (works out to be only £30 per session).

Get Fit Quick package

The fastest way to see results, 4 sessions each week for one month in our private gym or outside, personalised diet plan, body fat % measurements each week all for only £650.