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Having been in the fitness business for over 20 years and working out of multiple gyms, Platinum Personal Training expanded into corporate, commercial and home gym design.

Design, structure and functionality of the gym is highly important for an effective personal workout and for commercial success (for larger Clients). A good gym needs to serve a purpose - if the gym has an expensive but inadequate equipment, it will not be useful or not gain the desired Clientele. Therefore, at Platinum Gym Design, we offer a personalised service depending on Client's needs, purpose and functionalities of the gym.

We bring an expert knowledge of Zoning, Functional Design, Equipment and flooring. For our larger corporate and commercial Clients, we also plan décor, lighting, brand continuity across information pints and signage.

Factors that need to be considered when building a functional gym:

  • Zoning: Effective gyms place their equipment into different zones and group equipment to train similar groups of muscles.
  • Flooring: Picking the right floor depends on what type of equipment you have in your gym, and what it is used for.
  • Décor: There is a particular balance of light and ambience that is needed when designing a gyms décor.
  • Signage & Branding: For commercial and corporate Clients trying to compete with the existing gyms, an adequate advertising of the gym with signage information points and general brand continuity is vital.
  • Functional Design: Functional and rest areas are becoming increasingly popular. A functional design will ensure the gym maximises its space and offers a logical flow.

As a boutique gym design company, we offer a personalised and tailor service to each Client. We ensure that the gym is built do their needs, specifications, functionalities and the final product is delivered on time and on the budget. When it comes to gym design, we think outside the box to create your own unique space, maximising your equipment and workout zones. With state-of-the-art graphic designers we can deliver your vision of a gym in the virtual world and then translate this vision into reality.

Home gym builds start from £999. For corporate and comercial gyms, please contact us for a free consultation.

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