Online Personal Training London

Whatever your fitness needs, our online personal trainers can provide the exercise program to help you achieve your goals, and it won't cost the earth! Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, prepare for an event or just increase general health we have years of sport and exercise science experience in changing people's lives for the better. Our Online Fitness plan was established in 2006 and has helped many people from all over the world achieve their fitness and health goals.

Online Personal Training Packages:

  • 30 live personal training sessions - £600 (each package comes with a personal diet guide)
  • Weekly tailor-made workout plan;
  • Weekly, tailor-made diet guide;
  • Daily text messaging service;
  • Phone call service every other day to ensure you are on track.

Online Personal Training

Masters of fitness!:

All of our trainers at Platinum Training are qualified to Master of Science level in Sport and Exercise science, and this is above all our major advantage over other websites and online personal trainers. The fitness industry is a fast growing industry and unfortunately a lot of personal trainers and instructors are playing their trade with only a basic understanding of fitness concepts usually picked up from a little weight lifting experience in gyms, or a weekend course to gain one of many available qualifications.

A master's degree in sport and exercise science or related field can only be attained by a minimum of four years full-time study, so you are in safe hands.

Our trainers have a thorough understanding of the underpinning components of fitness and the physiological knowledge of how the human body responds and adapts to different types of exercise. Furthermore, we understand the different needs of specialist populations such as the obese, the pregnant, the elderly and the elite and how their training should specialise accordingly.

Our different programme's are below:

Muscle Building or Weight Gain:

Fitness and nutrition programs customised to help you maximise your potential.

Healthy Lifestyle and Weight loss:

Improve health and fitness through our bespoke fitness and nutrition programs.

Body Sculpting:

Achieve the body you want, improve muscle tone and reduce body fat with one of our customised programs.

Yoga online:

Improve flexibility, reduce stress levels, core stability, help prevent injures, improved respiration, energy and vitality.

Children's fitness online

Using our unique online personal training service, we are able to make sure the youngster's can stay active and engaged online with our one to one online service.

It's extremely important to make sure children of all ages stay active and keep fitness a big part of their life's.

Prepare for an event:

Marathon, 10k, 5k, Triathlons, Obstacle events, whatever the event we can help you prepare.

All our Online Training sessions are live one to one with one of our expert trainers, for more information please direct message us.

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NEW FOR 2022

Mobile One to One Assisted stretching

Assisted stretching is great for clients looking to improve their sports performance, decrease joint pain and improve overall flexibility.

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New Starter Body Transformation Package

The Ultimate Package for seeing life changing results - 30 Sessions in our private gym or outside in any London park, personalised diet plan, measurements and body fat % taken each week all for only £900 (works out to be only £30 per session).

Get Fit Quick package

The fastest way to see results, 4 sessions each week for one month in our private gym or outside, personalised diet plan, body fat % measurements each week all for only £650.