All our Personal Training sessions are tailored around Client's goals. To help us get you the best results in the fastest way, we have the newest equipment on the market. Our equipment includes:

  • TRX PRO;
  • Boxing gloves/ mitts;
  • Kick Boxing pads;
  • Free weights;
  • Kettle bells;
  • Resistance bands;
  • Medicine balls;
  • Swiss balls;
  • Pilates equipment;
  • Yoga blocks;
  • Aerobic steps;
  • Iron Wear;
  • Skipping ropes.

Above is just some of the equipment our trainers will bring to you for a full body workout to help achieve your goals. The gym in which we train our Clients has the top 2019 range of Life Fitness Equipment and a full boxing ring.


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You will also get a free monthly workout plan and a diet guide to get the results you need and want.

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