Virtual Personal Training

Virtual Personal Training Packages have been designed for Clients who have a busy work schedule or travel frequently. The Virtual PT package will encourage you to keep to a regular routine with an online support.

Virtual Personal Training Offers:

  • A new workout routine tailor-made to your needs and goals, e-mailed once a week;
  • A tailor-made diet guide e-mailed on a weekly basis;
  • Text message and phone calls every other day to make sure you are on track;

Virtual personal training is a great way to stay focused for Clients who are on the go 24/7.

Prices and Packages:

  • Packages start from only £50 per month.
  • One-year Virtual Personal Training: only £500 per year.
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New Body Transformation Package

The Ultimate Package for seeing life changing results - 30 Sessions in our private gym or outside in any London park, personalised diet plan, measurements and body fat % taken each week all for only £750.

Get Fit Quick package one month 4 sessions a week only £500 including a diet guide.

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